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Friday, 22 July 2011

Super TED

Sometimes, when all I see is one stupid cat video after another, I think that the internet must be a load of rubbish. But then something altogether more interesting catches my attention. I’m talking about ted.com, a website that packs a punch in the science stakes.

Whilst the interface might be a little daunting, with all sorts of long words and busy text everywhere, this is in fact an amazing tool for finding your passion for science, or learning more about topics not on the GCSE syllabus. Leading experts from all fields go to the TED conferences and you can have a front row ticket for their talks.

Now I know that lectures can be really boring, but these are designed to be easily accessible, which means that they are nice and short! What you get is the best people in the world, imparting their knowledge, right to you in a nice easy chunk. And all for free! When you put it like that, the internet doesn’t seem too bad after all.

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